Do Look Up – Supercharge your creative business

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Know your audience to future-proof creative growth in your company. This workshop is an exclusive chance for production companies who wish to learn creative and business oriented strategies to position themselves with a clear vision for the future.

What is your vision for the future? What new opportunities result from the evolving needs of audiences and platforms? And how do you best succeed in - and respond to - a changing media landscape? Use the lens of future audience needs to boost creative development and commercial growth. Benefit from consultative coaching to challenge your thinking, learn practical tools to bring out fresh perspectives and leave the workshop with tangible ideas on how to inspire and motivate your team.

This is a highly practical and interactive workshop where Andrea Olsson and Linda Green will share the frameworks and learnings they have developed from working with hundreds of founders of media and tech companies.
It is a unique and exclusive chance to step back from the everyday to-do-lists and look at your business with a fresh and ambitious view.

In a world, where the user behavior and the market terms shift with lightning speed, a creative business owner must constantly follow up on strategies and eventually change them. Take part in our workshop that specializes in leadership within the film-, TV- and media industry and be inspired to expand your company and gain a broader audience.

Putting the user in the center, we will explore agile operating principles for development in order to map out new creative business opportunities. Both Linda Green and Andrea Olsson are highly experienced in terms of developing the future “facing strategies” for all kinds of media and tech companies - from start-ups to global companies. During the workshop, they will share their experiences with business- and development implements that you can use to shape a future course of growth for your company.

The workshop will facilitate an interactive learning environment and the participants are part of the entire learning process; meaning, do not expect “listen and learn”.

During the workshop, you will gain a broader insight on how to improve the connection with your audience and how to develop ideas that consider their needs and interests. You will be inspired to refine your company profile so it matches the shifting user behaviors and a demanding market in a competitive landscape. We will unfold both creative and business oriented implements for user-development and finally yet importantly, we will focus on the value and quality of good leadership.

The workshop is an exclusive chance for leaders who wish to boost their creative business strategies with new perspectives on how to stand out in a changing market. You will leave the workshop with renewed vision for the future and creative inputs on how to inspire and motivate your team.

If you are responsible for your company’s development and growth, this is the workshop for you!

The workshop takes place during three days:

Friday February 3, 11:00-16:30pm
Saturday February 4, 9:00-16:30pm
Sunday February 5, 9:00-15:00pm