Creative Leadership Masterclass - Get the best ideas from your team

The TV Industry has undergone considerable change in the last few years, with increased logistical challenges to production, an accelerated dominance of SVOD's and streamers, likely seismic shifts in national broadcasting, a push towards regional programming and an emergence of new business models and revenue streams. Linda Green’s Creative Leadership programme has been designed to quickly support all levels of leaders in their creative work and challenges now; to give you the leadership shortcuts to speed up change and deliver results for your business to problem solve, identify opportunities, inspire ideas and develop a plan to reboot your personal ambition, team’s resilience and refresh creative thinking.


This one-and-a-half-day masterclass is for any leader, at project or team level, from Development Exec to Series or Exec Producer, who is keen to get the best ideas from creative talent. The masterclass will cover all aspects of leading a creative process, from inspiring a shared vision, to the best environment for ideas and dealing with conflict.

Over the 1.5 days, delegates will gain an understanding of their creative preferences, those of their teams and how to create the best environment to turn ideas into reality.

Specific Objectives

  • Easier leadership of ideas and talent – shortcuts for successful creative change
  • Unlocked team potential – motivated teams, ideas and commitment to your creative goals
  • Rebooted teams to deliver your 2024 ambitions – an online creative plan


The day will combine practical tools, tried and tested across global broadcasters, format houses, in scripted and non-scripted, with case studies of commissions, new formats and ideas, new brand/s development and new revenue streams.


Day 1



  • Welcome and introductions
  • You as a creative – Your preferences across the creative process and a profiling tool to unlock the creative needs of your team for easier collaboration, idea generation and conflict resolution
  • You as a creative leader – Your role as a creative leader & modelling creative leadership


  • Visionary leadership – Inspiring a shared vision: setting a future strategy for growth in the global market, shoring up areas of weakness, harnessing branding and your USP
  • Inspirational leadership – Enabling others to act: identifying barriers and inspiring others

Day 2

  • Influential leadership – Challenging the system: influencing and persuasion tools, psychological pitching tricks, ways to deal with difficult conversations, resolve conflict and give feedback.
  • Tactical leadership – Encouraging the heart: understanding and harnessing personal drivers, behaviours and attitudes, building trust and collaboration.

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