Masterclass with Kirk Baltz

An exclusive Meisner & Method Masterclass with master teacher Kirk Baltz for professional actors and directors. The renowned actor and acting coach, Kirk Baltz, will once again conduct a masterclass at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, in collaboration with the National Film School of Denmark.

About the Masterclass

As a director, you will gain access to unique knowledge and tools for personal direction of professional actors. The approach is inspired by Method and Meisner techniques and stems from Kirk Baltz's work with Tarantino, Seymour Hoffmann, and others. The Meisner Method is a derivative of Lee Strasberg's Method and offers a very hands-on approach that cultivates presence and connection with fellow actors.

Kirk Baltz's work employs a very direct and sincere tone and jargon. The focus will be on exploring strengths and weaknesses. The chosen play for study is ‘Skylight’ by David Hare. Please bring a hard copy of the entire script to the class. No electronic devices are allowed, but please bring a notebook and a pen.


In this masterclass you will be doing scenework from the play ‘Skylight’ by David Hare.

Tuesday: 11.00-17.00
Wednesday: 10.00-17.00
Friday: 10.00-17.00

Who should attend?

Professional actors, performers and directors. Dancers with experience are welcome too.

Application process

Apply for this masterclass via The Danish National School of Performing Arts