Naive Yearly - room for the quiet, odd and poetic web

    Naive Yearly gathers people who recognize and explore the Internet as a creative medium and expands our understanding of what the Internet is and can be.

    The day is dedicated to the budding movement of artists, designers, educators, developers, writers and organizers who avoid nostalgia and technological utopias but use the Internet and open protocols (fx. email and the web) to make poetry and societal change.

    During the day, you will meet Chia Amisola, Elliott Cost, Laurel Schwulst, Marty Bell, Tiana Dueck, Benjamin Earl, Alice Yuan Zhang and Maya Man. Artists who use the Internet as a medium to connect, create and reflect on beauty, life, society, consciousness, the environment and death. As such, it is a day of the art of living.

    As a participant, you will:

    • Encounter born digital methods and cases to inspire your praxis.
    • Attend a flowering language for the Internet that steers away from the binary (soft/hard, problem/solution, frontend/backend, growth/degrowth, utopia/dystopia)) og invites you to see the world anew.
    • Meet leading movements, publications, associations and institutions contributing to the poetic web.

    The conference is a joint project between the National Film School of Denmark and Naive Weekly. The day is made possible by the Bikuben Fonden.

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