The Personal Pictorial Language

Rooted in Denmark's artistic documentary tradition, this intensive course focuses on identifying and developing each participant's personal pictorial language. Through conceptual introductions, practical film assignments, and subsequent readings, participants will explore their unique artistic expressions.

During the course, each participant works with their individual aesthetics, working methods and personal concepts through a series of short, intense filmic investigations, followed by conceptual introductions and visual readings, consequently identifying the contour of the participant’s artistic voice, style, palette and moves.

The basic methods and concepts draw from the artistic documentary tradition at The National Film School of Denmark, which seeks originality through the individual background, sensitivity, thinking and movements of the artist.

Film director and teacher Arne Bro will utilize this tradition in the form of short theoretical introductions and visual analyses of each participant's assignments, interpreting them with filmic and existential questions.

What will you learn?

The programme hopefully enhances your ability to observe and analyze your own and others' pictorial and filmic languages, fostering a collaborative working environment that accommodates diverse personal styles, concepts, and methods. The course explores connections between participants' personal expressions and possible viewer interpretations, expanding skills in observing, analyzing and creating personal film and form languages to encourage artistic collaboration and engagement with audiences

Who should attend?

This course is for professionals from the film, TV, animation, and games industries, including directors, TV journalists, editors, sound designers, producers, cinematographers, production designers, film teachers and other visual artists.

Application process:

Please submit a short motivated application detailing why this course is relevant to you right now, along with a short CV/filmography and three stills/frame grabs from your work. Applications should be sent to by 15th of August 2024.

For further information, contact

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