Unreal for photographers

The course “Unreal for photographers” is designed to provide you, as a photographer, with hands-on learning of two essential Virtual Production techniques that you can use as planning tools in future productions.

Join the course and learn how you can scan a room with a phone, import it into Unreal Engine, and step into your 3D universe with a handheld Virtual Camera to plan your shots. The course will teach you the fundamental principles of using photogrammetry and virtual cameras, which you can add to your toolbox and pull out when you need to plan for a location that is more challenging than usual or one that you only have limited access to.

We aim to create a space where you have the opportunity to experiment and explore Virtual Production techniques designed to optimize the pre-production phase, giving you, as a photographer, ample opportunities for creative planning and for visually sharing that planning with the rest of the team.


Day 1: Introduction to Unreal and hands-on scanning of a room.

Day 2: Introduction to Vcam and hands-on shoot in the scanned room.

What will you learn?

Through a practical approach, this course will teach you:

  • How to scan a 3D room.
  • How to import the scan into Unreal Engine.
  • How to film the 3D room with a handheld virtual camera.

Who should attend?

The course is for photographers who are interested in learning to handle the aforementioned tools themselves in their film productions. It is recommended that participants have a basic knowledge of handling digital tools.

For further information, contact

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Ene Katrine RasmussenBranche- og efteruddannelseschef20 47 02 90ekr@filmskolen.dk