Virtual Production Lab

Virtual Production has truly gained ground worldwide, driven by the global boom in high-quality films and series. The boundaries of what is possible technologically and creatively are unstoppable. The workshop "Virtual Production Lab" takes you into the laboratory, where you learn how to plan and budget Virtual Production scenes.

The goal of this three-day workshop is to provide participants with the tools to work with Virtual Production from a producer's perspective. It is about being able to identify script scenes that are suitable for Virtual Production, where using VP can enhance quality, provide access to hard-to-reach locations, or be more cost-effective. Next, participants will acquire skills to create breakdowns of these scenes, so that budgets and later pre-production and filming plans can be made.
The workshop will primarily focus on the economic and planning aspects of VP, and less on the creative and technical side.

Application procedure

The deadline for application is May 22, 2023, and must be done via email to, attaching a brief CV and a CVR number. The workshop will be partly conducted in English. For more information, please visit the Danish website: