About the school

The Film School is a historically important focal point for the development of Danish film, both creatively and in relation to the professionalisation of the industry.

The National Film School of Denmark was founded in 1966 and is Denmark's only state higher education within film and television production. We offer eight bachelor’s programmes for the most dedicated film talents. The school offers courses, masterclasses, and other industry events via our continuing education for professionals who already work in the film, TV, and games industries. And we conduct artistic research that creates new knowledge and contributes to the development of new methods and pedagogical practices, which are an important foundation for the further development of our programmes.

The film school is also the centre for public cultural events. During the year, we host film screenings, artist meetings, and debates that put artistic, film-political, and societal agendas into play.

Since 1998, the Film School has been located on Holmen in Copenhagen, close to the water, side by side with the other artistic educational institutions, which include the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, and the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

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The Film School's core values

Collaboration and community involvement are integral parts of the school's culture. At the Film School, we believe that creating films means being curious, inquisitive, and interested in your surroundings and the world around you. Film is openness to life – even the parts of life that you don't live yourself. And we believe that films are created collectively in respectful and artistic collaborations.

At the Film School, we set the individual's potential and stimulate artistic creativity free, so that original and authentic stories find their way from thought to screen or canvas. It is our noblest task to educate graduates who become visionary leaders with a cultural and democratic outlook and with an understanding of the importance of art from a broader societal perspective.

The Film School of the future is a school that opens up to the world. Thinks wildly. It lets perfect effort be a badge of honour – and insists that ambition is not a narrow doctrine. The Film School must be an international, cultural, and didactic hub that gives cinematic productions the future and form, we do not yet know.