International collaborations

The National Film School of Denmark has a global perspective with international collaborative projects and knowledge, as well as guests from outside. Similarly, staff and students have the opportunity to travel as part of specific projects and on their own in connection with both studies and internships.


The National Film School of Denmark is as of 2023 part of the European Erasmus+ Programme. From the autumn semester of 2024, we expect to offer short mobilities. Our course catalog along with guidance on how to apply will be available during the spring of 2024.

Official Charter

Erasmus Policy Statement

NORD – New Nordic Voices

NORD - New Nordic Voices is an ambitious collaborative project between the film schools in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, supported by the A.P. Møller Foundation. The project is initiated by the Danish Film School and aims to promote new, strong Nordic cinematic storytellers. It consists of meetings between students from the three schools' screenwriting, producing, and directing programs. Each meeting includes teaching and development workshops, as well as an ongoing seminar under the heading 'Nordic Think Tank,' where a wide range of invited speakers from various fields such as literature, art, film, research, and politics contribute to sharpening the discussion and understanding of Nordic culture and contemporary issues.

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Merging Methods – Nordplus

The Network is a co-operation between Den Danske Filmskole, Den Norske Filmskolen and Aalto University/ELO with the goal to develop the collaboration between the picture and sound department in higher arts education in the Nordic countries and to create new and innovative methods.
The objective is to create a systematic approach to sharing experiences and co-develop innovative methods between institutions, countries and areas to create and support collaboration between picture editing and sound across countries and traditions.oduction.

Merging Methods is supported by NORDPLUS.

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Nordfilm is a collaboration between film schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The network works towards developing innovative learning methods and fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange across borders. The project has an underlying and overarching focus on sustainability.

Nordfilm is supported by NORDPLUS.


The National Film School of Denmark is a member of the global collaborative organization for film schools, CILECT. CILECT - Centre International de Liaison des Écoles de Cinéma et de Télévision – was originally founded in 1954 in Cannes by Marcel L'Herbier (director of the French film school IDHEC, now known as La Femis) and Rémy Tessonneau (IDHEC General Director). It brought together the world's first higher education film programs with representatives from France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the UK, the USA, and the USSR. Today, the organization gathers over 180 institutions from 60 countries. The collaboration involves global and regional meetings and conferences, fostering dialogue on the development and initiatives within higher education in film.

The National Film School of Denmark is also a member of GEECT – Groupement Européen des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision – the european chapter of CILECT.

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The National Film School of Denmark is a member of the Nordic chapter of CILECT with schools from Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Eureka Series

Since 2022, the National Film School of Denmark has been a partner in the TV series training program called Eureka Series, organized by the French Séries Mania Institute, which is a part of the Séries Mania TV Series festival. The program admits 12 emerging TV series scriptwriters twice a year and is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA program. Other partners include: La Femis (France), ECAM (Spain), Lodz Film School (Poland), ifs International Film Schule Cologne (Germany), and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Italy).

EWC (European Writers Club)

The National Film School of Denmark is a partner and host for the European pilot project European Writers Club, supported by the European Commission. Vision Denmark coordinates the project, and it has a wide range of partners, including the Danish Film Institute, Screen Ireland, AGADIC/Spain, Estonian Film Institute, Nordic Writers Association, TV2 Denmark, and the Nordic Film and TV Fund. Additionally, numerous European TV stations are involved. EWC brings together European professional TV series writers, creators, producers, and TV stations in a network aimed at stimulating creative collaboration in European series productions with the goal of reaching a broad audience.