AI for Scriptwriters - Hands-on Workshop

Join us on a creative journey together through the art of writing with artificial intelligence. This will be a very hands-on workshop full of exercises and experimental techniques, where we will show you as an attendee how you can practically use artificial intelligence for inspiration and co-creation in your writing practice.

Designed for audiovisual writers, in this workshop we will use multiple tools over the course of the day, and you will leave at the end with something you crafted together with artificial intelligence, and a whole new suite of tools and techniques you can comfortably work with. The workshop is given by Charlene Putney and Martin Pichlmair, games industry veterans who have become obsessed with AI and procedural generation over the last few years and are now crafting AI-powered tools for writers.

Program and time schedule

April 19th - 9.00 am: 4.00 pm

09:00-10:00: Introductions, our perspective on working with AI, hands-on exercises crafting something to work with.

10:00-10:30: Ethics of Generative AI and how this relates to your practice

10:30-10:45: Coffee break

10:45-11:00: Making something together: seeing the "shape" of writing with AI

11:00-12:00: Prompt engineering: what it is and how to do it effectively for your practice

12:00-13:00: Lunch break

13:00-14:30: Exploring 3 different AI screenwriting tools with specific exercises

14:30-14:45: Coffee break

14:45-15:45: Pulling it all together: making something with AI, with hands-on assistance & guidance

15:45-16:00: Sharing, celebrating, questions & answers

What will you learn?

This workshop is an in-depth workshop designed for attendees to get hands-on experience with the latest generative AI writing tools. Over the course of the day, as an attendee you will learn about the techniques of prompt engineering, how to use a range of the latest tools, and will leave with something you created yourself together with AI.

Who should attend?

Writers who want to kickstart the use of AI in their own creative practice.

Application process

There is no specific application process other than signing up via Billetto. However, those who do sign up for this workshop will receive a detailed email in advance with links to all resources we will be using, and a small piece of pre-workshop homework to complete, about 30 minutes worth of work.

For further questions, contact

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