Cinema Reimagined: Harnessing AI in Filmmaking

The Curious Refuge team and The National Film School of Denmark invites you to a 2-day workshop to learn how AI can assist with film productions. Using the power of the latest advancements in AI technology, we will look at practical use cases for AI on modern filmmaking projects.

From ideation to editing, there are many ways to harness AI technology to assist in creative pipelines. Curious Refuge training is used by artists at every major studio, and we are thrilled to bring you a hands-on workshop in an insightful and engaging atmosphere. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have practical AI filmmaking skills that you can immediately use on your next creative project.


Day 1
  • Opening Conversation: How AI is Changing Creativity
  • Current Use-Cases and Applications of AI
  • A Simple AI Pipeline Demonstration
  • Getting Started with AI Ideation & Outlining
  • AI Scriptwriting (What Works? What Doesn’t?)
  • AI-Generated Imagery - Tools & Tips
  • AI Prompting & Art-Direction Masterclass
  • Your First Assignment: Create a Pitch (Guided Practice with CR Team)
Day 2
  • Image to Video Workflows
  • AI VFX
  • AI Audio Tools (Cleaning to Cloning)
  • AI Music Tools
  • AI Lip Syncing
  • Your Second Assignment: Create a Short Trailer (Guided Practice with CR Team)

What will you learn?

  • Concepting / Ideation
  • Screenwriting / Writer’s Block
  • Pitching / Storyboarding
  • Previsualization / Concept Trailers
  • Audio Editing
  • Music Production
  • VFX
  • Distribution / Marketing

Who should attend?

This workshop is for film professionals looking to implement AI in a storytelling pipeline. While AI tools can assist folks at every end of the creative spectrum, we highly recommend that attendees have some experience with storytelling before attending this event. If you have ever worked in a creative storytelling position you will likely thrive in this workshop. No major technical skills are required, but a laptop is recommended for guided practice and exercises.

Application process

We do not require that you understand AI or the technical tools required to create an AI production. We will cover the basics of everything in the workshop. Before attending the workshop, students will receive a list of any necessary downloads or software required to follow along with the course.

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