Masterclass with sound designer Randy Thom

Dive into the magic of sound with this weekend masterclass led by Hollywood's legendary sound designer, Randy Thom. Experience 40 years of film history and sonic masterpieces through four key themes in Thom's outstanding career.

Throughout the weekend, the sound design Icon, Randy Thom, opens the doors to his incredible career, sharing his expertise on the big screen. Moderated by the experienced Danish sound designer, Peter Albrechtsen, the masterclass will cover four main themes, structuring the two days of cinematic magic.

The early years - From 'Apocalypse Now' to 'Wild at Heart'

Embark on a journey through Randy's early years, exploring his work as a sound editor, mixer and production sound recordist. Uncover the unique northern Californian sonic magic, from epic works like 'Apocalypse Now' to the heartwarming 'Wild at Heart,' including the magnificent ‘Never Cry Wolf’ and 'The Right Stuff' which won Thom his first of two Oscars. He has been nominated 15 times.

Collaboration with Robert Zemeckis

Deeply rooted in the sonic partnership with director Robert Zemeckis, Thom will discuss the development of their 30-year collaboration. Explore films such as 'Forrest Gump,' 'Contact,' 'Cast Away,' and 'The Polar Express,' with the opportunity to dissect selected scenes and delve into the creation of their mesmerizing soundscapes.

Scriptwriting for the ears

This part of the masterclass focuses on the importance of scriptwriting and how to design a movie for sound. With examples from different scripts, along with scenes compared to their written form, Thom explores the approach to sound design based on film scripts.

Sound for animation

Randy Thom has left his mark on several brilliant animated films. Delve into masterpieces like 'The Incredibles’, the 'How to Train Your Dragon' trilogy, and the refreshing 'Ice Age' films. Clips from these works will be shown, discussing different working methods and creative approaches to sonic storytelling.

Program Saturday


Coffee and registration


The early years - from ‘Apocalypse Now’ to ‘Wild at Heart’


Lunch break


Collaborating with Robert Zemeckis - exploring a 30 year long sonic partnership


Coffee break


Q&A session




Optional dinner (sign up separately)

Program Sunday




Scriptwriting for the ears - how to design a movie for sound


Lunch break


Sound for animation - animated sound from ‘Ice Age’ to ‘The Incredibles’



What will you learn?

  • An understanding of the importance of scriptwriting for sound.
  • Inspiration for collaborating with other filmmakers.
  • Insight into various working methods and creative approaches to sonic storytelling in animated films.
  • A unique insight into some of the most important and influential work in film sound history.
  • How to communicate about sound, the most invisible part of the film.

Who should attend?

The Masterclass is primarily designed for sound designers, but all kinds of filmmakers, composers, scriptwriters, editors, and producers are very welcome as well.

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