Mini MBA - International Financing and Business Development

The National Film School of Denmark offers a brand-new Mini-MBA format in International Finance and Business Development. Developed by experienced professionals Christian Wikander and Marieke Muselaers, the programme is tailored to strengthen management skills in the audiovisual industry and help producers deal with financial, resource, logistical, and HR challenges. The course is also designed to encompass the latest technological advances and rapidly changing digital market developments. Through six modules, participants will gain tools for strategic management, entrepreneurship, and international finance, enabling them to compete in the global marketplace.

The audiovisual industry is facing a shortage of management skills. Small and medium-sized producers are experiencing rapid growth but often encounter financial, time, logistical, and HR challenges for which they are ill-equipped. To ensure social sustainability within the industry, it is crucial to provide comprehensive management tools while focusing on the latest technological advances and the rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

In today's global media landscape, a grasp of business development is imperative for survival. It is no longer solely about financing; strategic management, rights management, entrepreneurship, negotiation techniques, business planning, and international law all play pivotal roles. Future content producers must understand investor perspectives and actions to avoid over-reliance on global players. Drawing inspiration from other industries, this course will empower future entrepreneurs and executives with the confidence to develop their companies, intellectual property, and other products, equipped with the tools, networks, and expertise needed to navigate and shape the future digital visual market.

By the end of the course, participants will have crafted a comprehensive business plan for their company under the guidance of the trainers. Some preparation is expected between each module, involving approximately 100 pages of reading. Developed in collaboration with the National Film School of Denmark, 'Mini MBA - International Financing and Business Development' is led by Christian Wikander and Marieke Muselaers.

A Mini MBA offers a condensed and focused alternative to a traditional MBA (Master of Business Administration), providing participants with fundamental insights into business and management concepts without the time and financial commitments typically associated with a full MBA. The course, consisting of six concise modules, will be held during autumn 2024 and spring 2025. More details about the programme structure and instructors follow below.

Please note that the full Mini MBA programme and list of instructors will follow during the summer.

Mini MBA Programme Structure:

Module 1: Leadership (16.–17. November)
  • Building trust and getting to know each other.
  • Collaboration skills and personal leadership.
  • Creative leadership and development.
  • Communicating with creatives.
  • Personal core values and life purpose.
  • Identifying your company's niche and what makes a great leader.
  • Case scenarios.
  • Designing your business plan.
Module 2: Strategy (7.–8. December)
  • Change management.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Case scenarios.
Module 3: Entrepreneurship (18.–19. January)
Module 4: Market: (1.–2. March)
  • Introduction to AI and data analysis.
  • Audience behaviour and international market trends.
  • Marketing and lessons from non-scripted content.
  • Case studies and analysis of audience behaviour.
Module 5: International Financing (29.–30. March)
  • Negotiation techniques.
  • International financing and film and media legislation.
  • Contracts and rights.
Module 6 - Moving Forward: (3.–5. May)
  • Summary and sharing of learnings.
  • Leadership in practice and presentation of business plans.
  • Brief written assignment and the importance of networking.

What will you learn?

  • Enhancing collaboration skills.
  • Strategic, change, personal, and creative leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship and managing your own business.
  • International financing and planning tools.
  • Use of AI and data, audience behaviour, and marketing.
  • Negotiation techniques and international financing.
  • International film and media legislation, contracts, and rights.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at producers looking to strengthen their leadership skills and understanding of international business development. It is ideal for small and medium-sized producers aiming to grow and enhance their competitiveness in the global market

Application process:

Applications must be submitted via the National Film School of Denmark's email: The application includes a brief description of your current role in the industry, your career goals, and how you expect the course to help you achieve these goals. The application deadline is 16th September, and selection will be based on experience and motivation.

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