Mini MBA - Mastering AI for Film Professionals

The National Film School of Denmark’s Continuous Training presents a brand new Mini MBA program tailored for film professionals eager to master the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the audiovisual industry. Led by industry expert Sten Saluveer, this course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and innovate in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through comprehensive modules, participants will explore the impact of AI on creative storytelling, production processes, and ethical frameworks, ultimately enhancing their ability to leverage AI as a creative and productive tool in filmmaking.

The audiovisual industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation driven by artificial intelligence (AI). As AI continues to reshape various sectors, understanding and utilizing this technology becomes imperative for film professionals. The Mini MBA in Mastering AI for Film Professionals offers a unique opportunity to delve into the multifaceted role of AI in the film industry, from creative ideation to distribution.

Participants will explore how AI can enhance storytelling, streamline production processes, and address ethical considerations. The course provides hands-on experience with AI tools, fostering a critical understanding of their potential and limitations. By the end of the program, participants will have developed and presented a project demonstrating their ability to apply AI solutions to real-world challenges in filmmaking.

This program is designed to address the pressing need for advanced knowledge and skills in AI within the Nordic film industry. With a focus on virtual production, ethical frameworks, and innovative production methods, attendees will be well-prepared to lead the charge in integrating AI into their creative processes.

A Mini MBA is a shorter and more concentrated version of a traditional MBA (Master of Business Administration). The course is designed to give participants a basic understanding of business and management concepts without the time and cost normally associated with a full MBA. The ‘Mini MBA - Mastering AI for Film Professionals’ will span four compact modules during autumn 2024 and spring 2025. More information about the programme structure follows below.

Please note that the full Mini MBA programme and list of instructors will follow during the summer.

Module 1: The Big Picture: Understanding AI and its Impact on the Film and Entertainment Sector.

Dates: 15-17 November 2024.
Format: Onsite.

Day 1
  • Introduction and Course Orientation.
  • The big picture: Why European and global film industry is facing a polycrisis and what has AI to do with it?
Day 2
  • Understanding the Basics: The principles of generative AI.
  • The independent industry outlook.
Day 3
  • The business implications and use cases of AI from enablers to traffic lights.
  • The look ahead: How is AI shaping the future of the Entertainment Sector: the Global Perspective (TBC).

Module 2: Ethics and Legal Implications of AI in the Entertainment Sector

Dates: 24-26 January 2025.
Format: Online.

Day 1
  • From generative to synthetic media: The vocabulary and ethical applications of using AI in film and television productions.
  • Deepfakes, dis- and misinformation: diverse perspectives (Video certification).
Day 2

A 360 degree view on legal considerations on using AI in film productions: from EU vs. US model, copyright, identity rights, and beyond.

Day 3

Kickoff for final course work: How to design and plan your project using AI and agile tools?
One-to-one sessions & Q&A with the mentors.

Module 3: Mastering the Basics of AI Tools: Text, Image, Sound

Dates: 4-6 April 2025.
Format: Online.

Day 1
  • The Art and Basics of Prompting.
  • The writing perspective: AI tools for brainstorming, creative writing, and planning.
Day 2

The visual perspective: AI tools for image, video, animation, and visual effects

Day 3
  • The sound and music perspective: AI tools for voiceover, sound effects, and music.
  • Work on individual project.

Module 4: Implementing AI: Personal, Project, and Business Dimension

Dates: 30 May - 1 June 2025.
Format: Onsite.

Day 1
  • How AI powers sustainable business design.
  • Use cases of AI for an independent film company.
Day 2

Presentations and discussion of final projects.

Day 3

Final group feedback session, completion ceremony,

What will you learn?

Through the four comprehensive modules, participants will:

  • Grasp the impact of generative AI on various aspects of the film industry.
  • Navigate ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks associated with AI in film.
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience with AI tools for content development, production, and marketing.
  • Critically evaluate real-world case studies and applications of AI in the film industry.
  • Develop and present a project utilizing AI solutions to address real-world challenges in filmmaking.
Who should attend?

This course is ideal for film professionals, including directors, producers, screenwriters, post-production specialists, and other film professionals in leading positions who seek to enhance their understanding and application of AI in their work. It is particularly suited for those who wish to stay ahead of technological advancements and incorporate innovative AI-driven solutions into their creative and production processes.

Application process

Applications and CV should be submitted via email to The application must include a brief description of the applicant's current role in the industry, career goals, and how the course is expected to help achieve these goals. The application deadline is 17 September 2024, with selections based on experience and motivation

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