Stories and scripts for computer games

Dive into writing stories and dialogue for video games in this 2-day course led by Denmark's most sought-after game writer. The course offers a blend of theory and practical exercises, providing insights into script development for interactive projects and highlighting the differences between games and linear narratives.

The course will immerse you in the complexities of crafting narratives for interactive media. Through a dynamic combination of theoretical insights and practical exercises, you'll not only learn how to develop scripts but also master the unique challenges inherent in storytelling within an interactive game universe. From understanding game structure and mechanics to creating engaging dialogues that guide players through a unique experience, this course will equip you with a diverse set of skills essential for navigating the dynamic field of game narrative.


The course takes place on 21 and 24 October 2024. Adjustments and changes to the program may occur.

Games versus film, TV and novels
  • Exploring the uniqueness of interactive stories
  • Understanding the differences between game production and other media forms
  • Crafting narratives within someone else's vision
  • Developing themes, loglines, and synopses
  • Prototyping branching stories
Roles and responsibilities
  • Overview of roles such as game writer, lead writer, AI/NPC writer, script doctor, and narrative designer
  • Understanding script formats
  • Crafting dialogue for missions, AI, and character barks
  • Creating interactive dialogue
  • Managing changes during production
  • Implementing User Interface & User Experience text
  • Coordinating voice recordings
  • Exploring post-production activities such as DLCs, interviews, podcasts, PR, etc.

What will you learn?

As a participant, you will gain insight into the special challenges of writing professionally for video games through practical exercises, lectures, and open dialogue.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of writing stories and scripts for video games. Basic understanding of storytelling and dramatic structure is required. While prior experience playing story-driven games and knowledge about the games industry is advantageous, it is not mandatory.

Application process

Please submit a half-page motivated application along with a CV detailing relevant work experience to no later than October 4, 2024. Homework may be assigned between the first and second day of the course.

For further questions, contact

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