Merging Methods

The Network is a co-operation between Den Danske Filmskole, Den Norske Filmskolen and Aalto University/ELO with the goal to develop the collaboration between the picture and sound department in higher arts education in the Nordic countries and to create new and innovative methods.

Though different professions, picture editing and sound are siblings within film and their processes are closely linked, and insight into each other's expertise will strengthen one's own expertise. The network will facilitate exchanges between students and teachers closely linked to partners in the film industry. Through intensive courses and workshops, new methods and a new common language in picture and sound editing across countries and traditions will be explored.

Our vision with the network is to create a systematic approach to sharing experiences and codevelop innovative methods between institutions, countries and areas to create and support collaboration between picture editing and sound and to develop new innovative methods to progress from a linear process (waterfall) to a more non-linear (iterative) process enabling editing and sound to become more innovative and seek out new and unknown methods. The project is thus a collaboration on two levels: Between the national traditions in the three countries and between the two key fields in film production.