NORD – New Nordic Voices

Nord is an ambitious collaborative project between the film schools in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, supported by the A.P. Moller Foundation.

The collaboration was initiated in spring 2022 by the National Film School of Denmark, and will initially run over a three-year development period until autumn 2024, with the clear expectation of creating a lasting collaboration across the three film schools and in the long term with the other film schools in the rest of The North.

The project aims to promote new, strong Nordic storytellers and thus consists of meetings between students from the three schools' scriptwriter, producer and director programmes. Each meeting consists of educational and development workshops as well as a comprehensive seminar under the headline 'Nordic Think Tank', where a wide range of invited speakers from various professional fields such as literature, art, film, research and politics contribute to sharpening the discussion and the understanding of the Nordic culture.

Christian Ulloriaq Jeppesen, journalist and podcast creater did a talk on the seminar 'Nordic Think Tank', taking place at the National Film School of Denmark on October 27, 2022. Photo: Malthe Folke Ivarsson
Former member of parliament from SF Halime Oguz in conversation with Film Commissioner Silje Riise Næss. Photo: Malthe Folke Ivarsson
PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen Tobias Heide-Jørgensen. Photo: Matlhe Folke Ivarsson

In the Nordic countries, there is a long and strong tradition of developing together. Internationally recognized and critically acclaimed films and TV series such as 'The Bridge', 'Scandinavian Star', 'Triangle of Sadness' and ‘The Worst Person in the World’ are all the result of collaborations across the countries, both when it comes to artistic development, production and financing. The three film schools wish to further develop and strengthen this tradition by spotlighting the Nordics and the stories of tomorrow, and discussing, challenging and further developing the Nordic community. In the long term, the ambition for the collaboration is to find its way into the production environments and onto the screens.

The three film schools participating in the project are the National Film School of Denmark, the Norwegian Film School and the Institution for Film and Media at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH).

The project consists of the following:

  • NORD I: Workshop and Nordic Think Tank I: Copenhagen, autumn 2022
  • NORD II: Workshop and Nordic Think Tank II: Lillehammer, spring 2023
  • NORD III: Workshop and Nordic Think Tank III: Stockholm, autumn 2023
  • NORD IIII: Concept development: spring 2024
  • NORD IIIII: late summer 2024
Silje Riise Næss, Film Commissioner and Curator of the seminar 'Nordic Tink Tank'. Photo: Malthe Folke Ivarsson