Game Developer

The National Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) trains the game developers of the future in an industry-specific and realistic course of study, where students learn to be part of a professional artistic and technological team.

The focus is on collaboration, management, technology, and creativity. The students gain valuable hands-on experience with interdisciplinary artistic and technical collaboration on digital game productions.

DADIU is developed in close cooperation between the participating educational institutions and the Danish computer game industry. The course is a full-time study and is always completed in the autumn semester. The course lasts one semester and is a collaboration between art schools and universities throughout the country.

Each year, DADIU admits around 100 students, who are divided into teams of 15-20 people. The course centres around three production courses of different durations as well as teaching by both professionals and researchers. In addition, the students receive ongoing feedback from representatives from some of the country's leading gaming companies as well as representatives from the international gaming industry. As a student, you are admitted to a specific competence such as game instructor, programmer, or audio designer, which corresponds to the education you are undertaking, and this is the role you take on the course's productions.

To participate in the DADIU semester, you must be a student in one of DADIU's member programmes - for most programmes you must be a senior. You must apply to participate. The deadline is always 1 April, and up until the application deadline, DADIU always holds online and physical information meetings.

Eventide, afgangsspil fra 2018

DADIU was established in 2005 as a network education across art schools and universities throughout the country. A graduate survey in 2017 showed both a high employment rate for DADIU graduates (75% were in a job during the first six months after graduation) and that 91% of former students would recommend the program to others.

Every year, DADIU's graduation games are sent to various international festivals, and several of the games have either won or been nominated. Most recently, the game Cai Cai Balão was nominated for the Best Student Game award in the prestigious Independent Games Festival. Watch the trailer for Cai Cai Balão here.

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