Documentary Director

On the documentary director programme, the students are trained to be overall artistically responsible throughout the creation process of a documentary film, documentary series, or the like.

The programme focuses on the individual student's idiom and the student's personal background, methods, and ways of understanding.

The programme also focuses on the further development of the student's methods and aesthetic approach, and on the special dynamic between the joint contribution of different film artists and specialists to the cinematic expression.

The documentary tradition at the Film School is concerned with the special relationships that can arise between creator and audience, between media and society, and between artistic expression and a modern democracy.

The programme focuses on expanding the field of form and content for the forms of expression and production methods through which reality is reflected. The education asks questions about norms and regulations for film and television. The education examines other, more complex representations of reality and human, and strives for cinematic expressions that are rich in experience and insight and support the student in its search for artistic voice.


The education consists of an alternation between observational documentary methods, used in the living and complex reality (in the field) and conceptual, staged methods, where selected elements from the reality (and the language of reality) are examined in detail - in the studio.

Through this alternation between observational and staged methods, the documentary director learns to work conceptually and dramatically and to work with serial and single concepts and formats for all platforms.

We work with cinematic approaches that have their roots in both documentary and fiction traditions and in close collaboration with relevant disciplines from the Film School and other artistic schools.

Willow the dog from the atelier film ’Auto-play’ by Ömer Sami
Behind the scenes of the documentary 'Kraftenlos'

The documentary directors are trained both in working alone with the camera, editing, and sound and in working conceptually and staging, as leaders of larger teams and editorial offices, both as the classic documentary director and as an editor, visual producer, or conceptual director for serial expressions.

As a documentary director from the Film School, the student is qualified to work professionally as a director on documentaries for various formats and platforms.