Fiction Director

The National Film School of Denmark educates fiction directors with a distinctive personal voice and a penetrating will to create cinematic narratives that leave an impression on the world.

The fiction director's task is to develop and stage fiction films that are driven by an artistic vision and have a personal voice. This is often done in close collaboration with the producer, the other leading forces of the film team, as well as with the actors. The Film School trains fiction directors who can be responsible for the overall artistic management throughout the film's creation process.

In line with media development, which constantly brings new formats, platforms, genres, opportunities for expression, forms of collaboration and much more, the role and tasks of the fiction director develop accordingly. Therefore, this programme emphasises developing the student's knowledge, skills, and competencies within the course Staging as well as Management and Entrepreneurship.


The main elements of the education program for fiction directors are:

Own practice
Exploration and development of own artistic practice.

Management and entrepreneurship

To lead and develop oneself and others in complex artistic collaborations.
To activate one's own voice and leave an imprint on the world.
To position oneself in time and place and actively tell stories to the world around.

Idioms and methods

Dramaturgical understanding and script development, alone and in collaboration. Analysis of audiovisual expressions and methods.

Personal directing

Methods for working with actors in all phases of the project, from casting to post-production.


After the training, you are qualified to work professionally as a director on fiction films for various formats and platforms.