As a film producer, you must be able to assess and elicit artistic and narrative talent and initiate and realize it in a market context. The producer programme is based on the individual student and their professional and personal development.

The education develops your ability to initiate and implement complex film-artistic development and production processes, including being overall responsible for the organisation and financing of the development, production, and publishing aspects of films, series and the like.

The education emphasizes the development of methodological knowledge and skills so that you will be able to realize a given film-artistic vision and act flexibly in different structures, production formats, and collaboration constellations. The education also aims to sharpen your ability to independently initiate, implement, and evaluate film-artistic projects.

In line with media development, which constantly entails new forms of collaboration, platforms, financing options, audience paths and much more, the producer's tasks develop accordingly. Therefore, in the programme, we place particular emphasis on developing your knowledge and your skills and competencies within the subjects of management and artistic entrepreneurship.

The teaching takes place as lectures/conversations, practical exercises, and bilateral collaborations.

After graduation, you are qualified to work professionally as a producer of fiction projects, documentary projects, and animation projects for various formats and platforms.


Key elements in the producer programme:

Management and artistic entrepreneurship

The realisation of your artistic voice.
To lead and develop yourself and others in an artistic collaboration.
To act on opportunities and good ideas and turning these into value for others.


Dramaturgical understanding and development of a cinematic narrative.

Development and production methods

Film-artistic work processes and technologies.
Production methodology.

Financing, economics, and law

National and international financing of fiction films, documentaries, and series.
Budgeting and financial management of various cinematic expressions.
Legal aspects of various cinematic expressions.
Business economics.