The scriptwriter is basically the writing part in the development of stories and narratives for scripts for films, TV series and the like.

The National Film School of Denmark educates scriptwriters who can create stories and oversee the artistic management of the screenplay development process from idea to finished project.

The goal of the programme is to train scriptwriters who have a personal signature, and in-depth experience and understanding of the craft and artistic methods of screenwriting, from idea development to finished film and TV series.

Artistic collaboration is a central part of the scriptwriter programme, and the scriptwriter contributes to the narrative along the way throughout the cinematic development process. This typically happens in close collaboration with the director and the producer with alternating roles in relation to who comes up with the idea and is the artistic guiding force.

The education mainly aims at developing fictional stories for fictional films, TV series, and animated films. A smaller part of the teaching focuses on the documentary field.

With this education, you will be qualified to work professionally as a scriptwriter on fiction films, documentaries, and animation films for various formats.


The main elements of the scriptwriter programme are:


The programme's specific courses divided into semesters:

1st semester: From idea to script and the collaboration with the director
2nd semester: The artistic collaboration and in-depth dramaturgy
3rd semester: Proofreading and processing of the manuscript
4th semester: Introduction to the serial field
5th semester: The serial semester
6th semester: Idea development of your graduation project
7th and 8th semester: Your own artistic identity – your graduation project