Sound Editing

A sound editor from the National Film School of Denmark is trained to be responsible for the auditory expression in a film, a series, or related media.

The sound editor’s job is to create a soundscape that, with a personal expression, contributes to the narrative and its artistic vision. The Film School educates sound editors who can organize and be responsible for leading the project's sound work through all its phases together with the team, but with a particular focus on the director, editor, and composer collaboration.

As a sound editor student, you participate in joint teaching and take part in joint practical tasks and projects in fiction, documentary, and animation. The subject-specific teaching is mostly about sound design and sound dramaturgy, but you are also taught sound technology, recording and post-production methodology, and film music.

Media and technology developments create new narrator models, formats, and forms of collaboration. This means that the sound editor programme is constantly being developed accordingly with new tasks, opportunities for artistic expression, and areas of responsibility.
After graduation, you are qualified to work professionally as a sound editor on fiction, documentary, and animation for various formats and platforms.


The main elements of the sound editor programme are:

As a trained sound editor, you will have a complex knowledge of creating sound design for all common formats. Just as you will also have complex knowledge of auditory expressions in a cinematic narrative.


You will be able to master methods, tools, and forms of expression to create a sound design in accordance with the narrative and the intention of the cinematic process in all common formats.

And you will be able to take responsibility for initiating and being able to choose among the subject's artistic methods to realize a larger media production and analyse and reflect on it.

You will be able to lead and develop a clearly defined personal sound design and translate it into a cinematic process, identify and use your expertise as a springboard to create value for yourself and to design goals for how the ideas are structured, clarified, and communicated.